Ryan C.


The final installment from my recent trip to Western, Massachusetts…. Shots from Southwick, Westfield, and West Springfield. Mostly trains. And a barn.

I took a trip to the East Coast this past weekend for my Dad‘s 70th birthday. It was a short trip – a Thursday to a Monday. But we managed to cover a lot of ground. We met up with old friends, reconnected with family, and we grabbed our cameras and revisited some old haunts. Keeping with tradition, I found myself trackside with my Dad, my friends, and by myself at times. We… Read More

Alanna and I have been on the East Coast visiting friends and family. Last week, with cameras in hand, my dad, Sammy, and I visited some of my old stomping grounds. Sure enough, just like last year, it wasn’t long until we found ourselves on some railroad tracks. Additional photos taken with my S4 on ryancowl.es.

A few months ago, I posted some old Contact Sheets that I printed back in high school. When I dug up those contact sheets, I also found some prints that I developed from the same 35mm film. Some of them are out of focus, others over/under exposed. But it’s fun to have a window back into my high school years.

You may have noticed by now that I have an interest a weird fascination with railroad tracks. Most of the tracks that once made up the old New Haven line that I explored as a kid are now overgrown or gone. And much of what remains will soon disappear. I managed to dig up some old photographs of the line. And when I was back East this Spring, I went on a photo adventure with my dad…. Read More