Ryan C.


As mentioned in my previous post, Alanna, Sammy, and I recently road tripped from Southern California to Western Massachusetts. The journey itself had its ups and downs, but overall it was a blast. We arrived in Massachusetts the second week of June for a friends’ wedding, and we’ll be here through September, for another wedding. Warning: This post isn’t a fun road-trip story. It’s probably not a feel-good read and touches on… Read More

I finally decided to check out Lightroom to retouch and organize my photos. Up until now, I was using Photoshop and a somewhat messy system of folders to organize my photos by date. That system resulted in a pretty big backlog of shots that I haven’t retouched or even looked at since shooting them. Thanks to Lightroom, I’ve started to go through them.

The final installment from my recent trip to Western, Massachusetts…. Shots from Southwick, Westfield, and West Springfield. Mostly trains. And a barn.

Every year as a kid, my Dad and I went to the Railroad Hobby Show in West Springfield, MA. As luck would have it, the 2016 show happened to fall on the same weekend I visited for my Dad’s birthday this year. With cameras in hand, we made the trip once again. Shooting miniatures is hard, especially when they’re moving. But a few shots made the cut.

I took a trip to the East Coast this past weekend for my Dad‘s 70th birthday. It was a short trip – a Thursday to a Monday. But we managed to cover a lot of ground. We met up with old friends, reconnected with family, and we grabbed our cameras and revisited some old haunts. Keeping with tradition, I found myself trackside with my Dad, my friends, and by myself at times. We… Read More