Monrovia Gold Line

I woke up early this morning and couldn’t fall back to sleep. I decided to head out and see what predawn had to offer. My first stop was the newly opened Metro Gold Line station in Monrovia. I wanted to shoot towards the sunrise, but couldn’t find a decent vantage point facing East. So, I settled for a spot facing West overlooking the tracks. Read More

Benching in Pomona

I spent some time benching in Pomona yesterday. I caught a handful of Union Pacific freights coming through the Metrolink station. It was overcast and gray, so the lighting was a little flat. But it was nice to be trackside again. Read More

Weekend at Bear Ranch

We spent last weekend visiting family a few hours north of Los Angeles in Coarsegold, CA. The landscape was green, the days were warm, and the nights just a little chilly. It was a beautiful time of year to visit. We relaxed and painted some trail signs while Sammy hung out with the country dogs.

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Dogs at the Ranch

We’ve been up in Coarsegold, CA for the past few days. Sammy has been hanging out with his cousins and enjoying the country life.

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Arizona, 2012

I shot these photos during a trip that Alanna and I took to visit friends in Parker, AZ back in November 2012. We spent some time by the river and also adventured into the Buckskin Mountains to find the Desert Bar – a solar powered bar in the middle of the desert. Read More

Santa Barbara, 2012

Back in January 2012, Alanna and I took a trip to Santa Barbara with our friend Melissa (who also shot our engagement photos). Keeping with the “better late than never” theme, here are some photos from the trip. Read More

Long Beach, 2011

These pictures are from April 2011, shot at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA (and one from the Queen Mary). Read More

Provin Mountain

I finally decided to check out Lightroom to retouch and organize my photos. Up until now, I was using Photoshop and a somewhat messy system of folders to organize my photos by date. That system resulted in a pretty big backlog of shots that I haven’t retouched or even looked at since shooting them. Thanks to Lightroom, I’ve started to go through them.

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Western Mass

The final installment from my recent trip to Western, Massachusetts…. Shots from Southwick, Westfield, and West Springfield. Mostly trains. And a barn.

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Railroad Hobby Show

Every year as a kid, my Dad and I went to the Railroad Hobby Show in West Springfield, MA. As luck would have it, the 2016 show happened to fall on the same weekend I visited for my Dad’s birthday this year. With cameras in hand, we made the trip once again.

Shooting miniatures is hard, especially when they’re moving. But a few shots made the cut.

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