Meet Jetpack: Ryan

Jetpack — Essential Security & Performance for WordPress

Our dedicated team of Happiness Engineers is one of the best reasons to jump into Jetpack. With direct access to a global team of WordPress experts, our customers know that they’ll always have the help they need to get things up and running smoothly.

These folks are smart — really smart. Any chance to pick their brains about all things related to WordPress and Jetpack is a great opportunity to learn something new! We recently caught up with Ryan, a longtime team member and passionate WordPress enthusiast, who has some interesting advice for the millions of folks building their online presence with WordPress.

It’s no secret that you know a lot about WordPress. How did you first get involved with the software?

I’ve been using WordPress since 2008 or so. Back then, I was working at a small company building websites for local businesses. As website requests got more complex…

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4 Comments on “Meet Jetpack: Ryan

  1. Ever since I signed up for Jetpack now on two of my domains I have watched my sights slow down, loose SEO and traffic has tuned to trash volume. I continued to try and improve things by keeping up to date on WP upgrades and this made my position worse and now I upgrade my Jetpack 5 weeks ago and I have come to a grinding halt with both domains & the mungumby domain when upgrading the template changed the whole site the size of images my galleries all became single large files which has ruined all my hard work. The question I now face is do I drop Word Press and get off the template dream as it is costing more time than it is worth. Upset and pi–ed off 😦


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