Bottle Tree Ranch

From Rock-A-Hoola, we made our way to Bottle Tree Ranch in Oro Grande, CA. Right off of historic Route 66, Bottle Tree Ranch is the creation of Elmer Long. Over the past few decades, he’s created hundreds of bottle trees and pieces of folk art which make up this unique forest.

We pulled up to the entrance in the late-afternoon. The property is free to enter, with a box near the front gate for tips. There didn’t seem to be anyone else there when we got there. Walking through the rows of bottle trees, hearing nothing but wind chimes and cow-bells, was a little eerie – which added to the experience.

The late-afternoon lighting was beautiful. I found myself walking in circles, snapping photos, noticing things that I’d previously walked right by. It’s a hard place to capture in pictures, but I tried…

5 thoughts on “Bottle Tree Ranch

    1. Yeah, the place was super rad!

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  1. These pictures are great! What a unique place!

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