I just spent a week in Las Vegas for work. At the end of the week, I carpooled back to Los Angeles with my friend and coworker, Anne. We made a road-trip out of it, and stopped a few places along the way. Our first stop was Zzyzx, CA. I’ve passed the sign for “Zzyzx Rd.” many times in the past on my way to Vegas, but this was the first time I’d actually stopped to check it out.

We ventured off the 15 Freeway and followed the two-lane Zzyzx Road. As the pavement gave way to a dirt road, we went around the “Road Flooded” signs and kept on our way. At the end of the road there is definitely some X-Files shit going on a small park and a desert research center along the banks of what appeared to be a dried mineral lake.

Next stop, Rock-A-Hoola Waterpark

5 thoughts on “Zzyzx

  1. Awesome shots man 😎

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  2. *Screams with joy at making it on Ryan’s friend list and onto his blog officially. Composes herself.*

    Cool post, bro.

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