Monrovia Station – Then and Now

The new Monrovia Gold Line station has been a recent interest of mine. The platform is adjacent to the old Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway depot. The Santa Fe depot was built in 1923 to replace a wooden structure that was built in 1886 by the Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley Railroad. This station was one of many stops along the westward expanding railroad system. It remained in service until 1972, and has since been abandoned.

I recently came across some old photos of the Monrovia Station, so I decided to try and recreate them. With the new construction surrounding the old depot, it was hard to get the same exact angles. But I managed to get a few that were close.


The angle on this one was similar, but the newly installed fence really breaks up the shot.

Source: The “Chief” @ MonroviaEastbound train #20, rolls east past the closed Monrovia, CA depot on July 3rd, 1972


The angle here was slightly off, and I could only find lo-res versions of the source photos.

Source #1: Future of the Santa Fe Depot.

Source #2: Historic Monrovia Train StationAn historic picture of a Santa Fe train at the old Monrovia train station. Posted by Bill Mohr.


A few bonus shots, including a couple attempts at HDR.


2 thoughts on “Monrovia Station – Then and Now

  1. I want more of the new train! I’m not much of a train engine fan per se, but it looks pretty nice in that picture.


    1. I’m sure I can make that happen!


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