Polaroids: The Original Instagram

At this year’s Grand Meetup, my friend and coworker Marcus gave me an old Polaroid camera and a bunch of expired film. I haven’t used Polaroids much in the past, but it feels good to be shooting film again. And while it wasn’t designed to create award winning photographs, the “instant” Polaroid camera offers a fun, unique experience.

You hit the shutter. The flash goes off. You can hear the mechanics processing the photo. Then, out comes a single sheet. The picture isn’t visible at first, but it slowly fades in until it’s clear. And you can see the moment that you just captured. A split second, frozen. In this day of digital media, it’s nice to have something physical you can pin to the wall, stick to the fridge, or give to a friend. There’s only a single copy. No tagging, no reposts. Just a single, personal keepsake.

I’ve been bringing my Polaroid most places I go lately. I’ve taken pictures at the Grand Meetup, Bear Ranch, and Alanna’s birthday party. You can check out some of them in the gallery below.

3 thoughts on “Polaroids: The Original Instagram

  1. They came out really cool!


    1. Thanks man! I still have boxes of film left, so there will be more to come.


  2. Awesome! They look great, glad they’re getting used and looking forward to more


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