Alpine Coaster

Automattic is currently in Park City, Utah, for our annual Grand Meetup. Don’t let all of the pictures fool you, we’ve actually been working and learning a ton throughout the week. However, we’ve managed to sneak in some activities just for fun, too.

This year, some of us took a trip to Park City Mountain Resort to take a ride on the Alpine Coaster. I grabbed my GoPro, kept my hand off the brake, and took some video.

6 thoughts on “Alpine Coaster

  1. I’m so jealous. That looks fun! I love all the autumn colours too.


    1. Thanks, Rachel! It was a lot of fun, and the autumn colors were definitely a nice surprise.

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  2. Damn that looks like fun, I wish I’d gone on it! Thanks for the video, and I liked your cameo at around 1:15!


    1. It was! And that was a completely accidental cameo… Next time!


  3. We can’t hear you scream on that video ;).


    1. Haha! Nobody wants to hear that…

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